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What Stays and What Goes?

Look at this sweet nursery. Do you know which items can stay and which can go?

(If you guessed the light fixture, floating shelves, book shelves, and curtain rod... you are correct!)

In real estate, we talk about "fixtures" when deciding which items go with the Seller and which items convey to the Buyer. Fixtures are items that are nailed or connected to the wall and would need a tool to remove. Another way to think about it is, if you turned the house on its side, anything that is bolted into place and wouldn't fall is a fixture.

Light fixtures, ceiling fans, built-in shelves, tv mounts, towel, curtain, & drapery rods, flush mounted speakers, Ring doorbells & security cameras (mounted)... those are all fixtures that need to stay with the house.

If there are any fixtures that have a special emotional attachment or are very expensive, we always recommend switching them out with something else prior to listing the home. Keeps things clean and both sides happy!

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